Orthopaedic fixator for the correction of the bones on the legs

Corrector bones in the big toe: features of construction and operation.

From the cones on the legs previously removed only through surgery, but now technology has allowed to create a special fixture, the use of which after treatment allows you to completely forget about the deformed bone. Bandage from the bone on the leg is divided into several categories:

  • articulated bus;
  • silicone lining;
  • soft and hard fit to wear;
  • between the finger walls.

Wearing an orthopedic fixator for the correction of the bones in the legs the day or apply at night while sleeping. In General, the treatment is carried out at night, because the structure of the hard brace and wear it during the day with movement difficult and uncomfortable. Is the tire to straighten the bones in the legs from items such as:

  • frame for fixing;
  • the strap that secures the foot in the desired position.

The orthotic device helps to position and secure the tire, taking into account the deflection angle of the first phalanx, the size of the foot and the magnitude of deformation.

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How to apply a retainer?

The mechanism of action of retainer to bone on the leg is very simple and is based on stretching in order to gradually affect the soft tissue of the foot and ligaments. The result that you can achieve the following effects:

  1. Removed, and then completely eliminates the muscle tension.
  2. To the tissues and muscles increases blood flow.
  3. To reduce the swelling and eliminated all foci of disease.
  4. Reduces pain during walking and rest.
  5. Increases flexibility and mobility of the thumb.
  6. Goes numb, which is a prolonged stress on the foot.

The brace legs to the bone will have a greater effect for the treatment when the following medical advice:

  1. To control body weight and prevent weight gain.
  2. The use of special orthopedic insoles to support the arch of the foot.
  3. To massage, provided for the bones of the foot.
  4. Don't wear uncomfortable, too narrow shoes, or high heel sandals.

The treatment should not be alone, only under supervision of an experienced podiatrist, and not to allow the disease to chance, hoping that everything will go alone. The full effect of the bandage or splint becomes visible only after a month of continuous wear, and all prescriptions of the doctor.

Clamps for repairing the defect of the bone of the thumb. A particular bandage to the foot from the cones differs in purpose, functionality and efficiency. The following types of retainers to wear can assign podiatrists.

Gel or silicone brace on his leg, which is designed for continuous use. This is usually padded, dress on the 1st and 2nd toes of the foot, with a separate side lobe, which will cover the bone of the thumb. The pharmacy sells the clamps in pairs, are a uniform size that allows it to be used for people with different size feet.

Designed to reduce the load on the bones in the legs, to protect to make the joint from rubbing shoes. Silicone clip is assigned for continuous wear to prevent disease, prevent further deformation, to eliminate the symptoms of the inflammatory process.

It is worth considering that silicone or gel retainers help to correct the defect at an early stage of development, but the rules ago the deformed joint will not work.

Hinged splint to correct hallux valgus is applied in order to conduct a complex of rehabilitation measures or to provide little therapeutic effect. By design is a movable frame which captures the deformation of the bone in the correct position. Hinge mechanism allows you to stop a few moving, but walking with such design on foot difficult. And better not to do it, because you can cause pain in the curved joint. Therefore, the articulated bus needs to dress up during the holidays or a night's sleep.

Despite the fact that the therapeutic effect due to the lack of rigid fixation is weak, however, to fix the bone. Among the advantages of the hinge brace to the bones on the legs is the ability to move your thumbs, apply for fastening several straps, move around the house.

But there are certain disadvantages in this design that before you buy you should definitely consider: the hinge wears out fast enough, the brace will RUB the bone, the angle of deflection of the finger is not amenable to regulation, it is impossible to wear with shoes, sold individually. The ability to apply a hinge mechanism for a full treatment of the repair joint.

corrigere defectus in mane tempus of development

The joints of the toes can be cured completely with the help of rigid valgus tires wearing on the night. A special night brace allows you to lock the finger firmly and steadily. Static becomes and foot, so wear valgus splint at night when the ability to perform the movements of the leg is limited. Treatment is to give the thumb the correct position, fixing it in a healthy position, to correct curvature.

With regular treatment it is possible to make the foot functional without surgery, but it is important and hard to fix the bandage and bone. The benefits of a night latch is attributed the ability to effectively lock the joint to adjust the angle of deflection of the fingers, soreness, avoid rubbing bone to secure the brace using straps-buckles.

To move in this bandage impossible, so it is prescribed for wearing at night. The first few days to sleep with the brace on the legs will be unusual because it will push. The discomfort passes quickly, it is important to endure this moment.

Partitions for the fingers of silicone

Incorrect position of the foot or bone change causes foot fatigue, complaints of severe physical exertion, fatigue from the constant walking. Therefore, doctors can prescribe not only wearing the brace or the tires, but and silicone pads on the toes. Their function is to divide the space between the fingers, eliminating the pressure on the fingers and damaged areas of the foot.

The effectiveness of wearing silicone finger between partitions is very high and proven by doctors. Wearing such a device made of silicone is appointed in cases such as:

  1. If the fingers gripping each other, and then assigned to the wearing of silicone septa that can help return the fingers to the correct position and to prevent the development of deformities.
  2. When begin to appear the bone on your big toe.
  3. Develops strong deformation.
  4. Have corns between the toes or on top of toes, so wearing the lining helps to avoid rubbing and to restore bone.

Silicone fingers partitions can be worn while you sleep, walk, relaxing during the day. They harmonize perfectly with the shoes and feet. Before wearing the feet to wash, dry, massage of the deformed zone.

In the presence of calluses need to use a cream to soften the fabric. And then you can wear the liners so they began to exert a corrective influence.

To suit the fingers of a partition at night, you need to find the time to do a warm bath, massage to the feet and toes.