Massage with Halyus Valgus - do

Hallux Valgus is a very common disease. It is often called the “bone” or “bump” on the leg, but correctly it is called valgus deformity of the big toe.

At-risk women after 30-40 years whose profession is associated with intense walking or simply pass on the legs. Also wearing shoes with a narrow toe high heels leads to the curvature of the joint of the big toe. Outwardly, it looks like: the thumb is directed toward the other four fingers, and the base sticks to the inner part of the foot. So outwardly it looks like bone, many even think that this is some sort of growth or deposition of salts.

Suspendisse cum halyus Valgus do

If you notice such a problem, do not despair. Today there are quite effective methods of eliminating Halyus Valgus. Here are the main ones:

  • therapeutic massage;
  • special exercises;
  • medication (anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • wearing the between the finger retainers during the day;
  • rigid fixation of a joint using a night brace.

At very advanced stages of hallux valgus, the doctor may recommend surgical intervention. There are many types of surgery for Hallux Valgus and they are all quite effective. But it's better not to go to extreme measures in advance to deal with prevention and treatment of the bones on the feet.

How to treat bunions on the foot: prevention, massage.

As key tips on preventing the formation of bones in the feet can highlight the following points:

  • try to wear loose shoes with a low heel;
  • keep your weight in norm, not to exceed the normal load on the foot;
  • often walk barefoot on different surfaces (earth, pebbles, sand);
  • regularly make a soothing foot bath;
  • often to be physically active, play sports;
  • regularly-massage the feet.

The last method we will consider in detail, since it is effective both for the prevention of bone on the foot and its treatment.

Massage with Halyus Valgus aimed at strengthening the ligament apparatus of the foot. This will reduce unnecessary stress on joints that is the cause of hallux valgus.

10 effective massage techniques at Hallux Valgus.

  1. Take two fingers deformed joint and gently “roll” it around its axis. Lightly twist your finger clockwise and counterclockwise. Hold your finger over the first phalanx (nail) with the other hand. Conduct this massage in for 1 minute on each leg.Massage bones of the big toe.
  2. Using your thumbs, massage the muscle fibers between the fingers of the foot. Pressing lightly with your fingers swipe from top to bottom along each finger. Do this massage for about 3 minutes on each leg.
  3. Also using your thumbs, massage the ligaments of the big toe. In order to see its location, lift your thumb as high up as possible. Apply pressure with your fingers and slide along the cords from top to bottom. Do this for 3 minutes on each leg.
  4. Massaging the muscle fibers of the big toe. To do this, hold two fingers on the inner side of the foot. Lightly apply pressure with your fingers, but if it hurts, reduce the intensity.Conduct this massage in for 2-3 minutes on each leg.
  5. Raise four thumbs up, taking them away from the surface. In this case the thumb should remain fixed. Immediately may fail, so keep patience. Spend 10-15 lifts on each leg.
  6. Pull the big toe in the direction of muscular effort without external assistance. Even if visually the finger stays in place just strain a muscle. Try to take the thumb to the inner part of the foot. Make 10-15 deviations on each leg.
  7. Pull the big toe up and in this case muscular force push the big toe to the floor. Keep your finger in one spot and don't let him down. Tense the muscles with the following interval: 3 seconds press 5 seconds simply hold your finger. Need this massage for 3 minutes on each leg.
  8. This technique is similar to the previous one, only the opposite. You squeeze the big toe to the floor, hand, and muscle pressure, try to separate it from the ground and raise up. The intensity here is the same: 3 seconds to stretch the muscle, 5 seconds rest. Do for 3 minutes on each leg.
  9. Thumb and index finger massage the deformed joint at the top and bottom. Don't overdo it and don't press too hard. The purpose of this massage - to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Massage for 2-3 minutes each leg.
  10. With one hand grasp the foot, and the other for the first phalanx of the thumb. Slightly pull the finger forward while do so that the joint was parallel to the other 4 fingers. That is, you put the finger in his healthy state and pull it forward. Be very careful with this exercise, because there might be painful. Do everything smoothly and without jerks, increase your efforts gradually.

What are the benefits of massage of the bones in the big toe?

Massage the bones on the feet is considered to be one of the most effective methods of eliminating deformation and that's what good he has in himself:

  • strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the foot;
  • improves blood flow to the soft tissues;
  • reduces inflammation;
  • decrease soreness.

Need a massage regularly and the results will not keep itself waiting long. It is also recommended to do special exercises to improve mobility of the joint and elimination of deformation.

valgus fatigant

Is recommended to wear the gel locks the big toe. They will reduce stress on the deformed joint when walking and protect the bone from rubbing shoes.

A very effective method of treatment of valgus deformity is rigid fixation of both big toes with hallux valgus thumb tires. It is also called night brace, as the commit is made before bedtime. Throughout the night, the joint is fixed in the correct position that most effectively corrects the deformity. The use of valgus tires proved to be effective and recommended by leading doctors podiatrists.