How do you protect yourself from hallux valgus feet? Prevention of the bones in the legs should occupy an integral place in your life, because it is through prevention there is a possibility to prevent the emergence of hallux valgus. What is prevention? The answer to this question we will try to give in our article.

Causes of bones on the legs

The causes manifestations of hallux valgus have not been elucidated by scientists. But it is believed that the bones in the foot grow or due to genetic predisposition, because of disorders in the endocrine system, hormonal changes, either due to poor quality socks and uncomfortable shoes.

Bones in the legs also grow because of excess weight, and in the case that the person is associated with static standing up.

Causas ossa in crura

Choosing comfortable shoes — the best prevention of the bones at the base of the finger

From the choice of shoes depends not only appearance, but also how comfortable his entire body. Special attention to choosing the right shoes is an excellent prevention of the disease. Scientists have shown that it depends on the proper distribution of the load on the foot during walking.

If people prefer to wear footwear with narrow toe or high-heeled shoes, it deprives their tops proper support, causing various foot deformities, which is accompanied by the appearance of painful bunions on the feet. Doctors advise to prevent disease is to choose shoes with a heel no higher than 4cm, and if the heel is high, then these shoes can be worn not more than two hours a day.

The Japanese never needed in the prevention of hallux valgus. They didn't even know what a bone on foot. A similar problem arose only with the advent of European shoes. Japanese women always wore shoes with a compartment for the thumb, which is excellent prevention of bunions on the feet.

Prevention of symptoms of the bones on the feet with the shoes manifested in the following:

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  • buying of shoes, preferably made of natural materials. It is useful and orthotic insole that helps to distribute the load on the feet;
  • in order that the legs rested on the heels, it is helpful to massage the soles of the feet and walking barefoot on a flat, grass, sand, small flat pebbles. It will remove fatigue, will ensure blood flow;
  • with the active sports it is recommended to wear shoes or sneakers with padded soles for damping effect.

Plenty of movement!

Sedentary lifestyle (especially if the person suffers from excess weight, Smoking or not eating), or work connected with long stay in the feet — causes symptoms of bone on the big toe.

Prevention of the disease in this case is to normalize your diet and regular exercise, massage and gymnastics of the foot. Regular morning exercises with elements of sit-UPS, walk on toes, rolling from heel to toe — excellent prevention of hallux valgus.

To prevent the formation of bunions on the feet can and regular medical examination, or introspection. At the slightest change of foot , especially in the thumb area, the presence of pain, — be sure to consult a specialist for advice. Close attention to their health will also be a good prevention.

Exercitia ne

Exercise for the prevention of disease

Excellent prevention of the formation of bone is such exercises to strengthen the ligaments of the foot.

  • Exercise for the prevention bone No. 1. Sit on a chair. Raise legs 20 cm above the floor, maximum pulling socks. Then pull the socks in his side. Do the exercise for several minutes.
  • Exercise for the prevention bone No. 2. Sit on a chair, the starting position is the same. Rotate the foot clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Exercise for the prevention of bone No. 3. In the same position, making turns left and right, constantly changing amplitude and tempo.
  • Exercise for the prevention bone No. 4. To stretch hands in the wall, aside feet away, the body should be at an angle of 60 degrees relative to the floor. Drop heel turns in such a way that they touch the floor, bending in the knee of the supporting leg. Operated by 4 minutes.
  • Exercise for the prevention bone No. 5. Sit on the floor, try to collect and raise the foot various items scattered around.
  • Exercise for the prevention bone No. 6. Sitting on the floor, extend your legs in front of him. Pick up toes, pull the socks in his side. Do not bend the knees, lower leg must bend and heels off the floor. Hold this position as you can.

Orthopedic methods of prevention of hallux valgus

The doctors developed a special device whose primary function is the prevention or slowing the growth of valgus bunions and decrease pain. Their efficiency will be high only when used to prevent the bones in the legs, either at the initial stage of the disease when the joint is not yet fully rigidity, bone is not very noticeable, and the fingers are not curved.

There are orthopedic appliances to prevent bunions on feet

  • orthopedic shoes for special purposes.
  • semi orthopedic insoles and insoles, custom-made according to individual sizes. Such insoles insoles floor and reduce the load on the joints, evenly distributing it;
  • foot support-substrate;
  • special valves are placed between the deformity of the fingers. They help to slow down the process of distortion that will reduce the pain;
  • silicone fingertips and the ring is specially worn on the fingers are already curved in order to align them;
  • orthopedic braces, cushions, individually chosen by the doctor-orthopedist.