How to choose orthopedic shoes for women with hallux valgus

Valgus is a painful deviation of the big toe inside the feet, which causes the curvature of the joints and formation of painful bumps on the side of the legs. Orthopedic problem in most cases occurs in women.

With the development of the pathology, the problem is compounded: the thumb is superimposed on the other, leading to their inevitable deformation and occurrence of pain. If you do not choose the right shoes to minimize the effects of a pathology, this problem can lead to surgery and destruction of the joints.

Anatomic shoes is one of the main methods of treatment and prevention for people inclined to develop hallux valgus. To stop the progression of the disease will help the use of such products in the early stages. Here are the basic parameters that must be met orthopedic pair:Requirements for orthopedic shoes

calceamenta cum hallux valgus
  • Heel counter – rigid, the height is calculated depending on the size of the foot. A good heel counter locks the joints and does not develop deformation;
  • Anatomical arch support correctly captures the arch of the foot to distribute the load at all points;
  • Boot or Shoe tightly on the foot due to the lace-up or Velcro;
  • Toe metatarsalgia pads are located;
  • Sole in the forward part of the flexible;
  • For a good pass air using high-quality materials – leather, textile, suede, and cork and other hard options for soles;
  • The heel is higher than heel by 3 cm;
  • The nose is made so that the fingers are not squeezing;
  • Shoes, sandals, and other options – sustainable, with a low heel;
  • Practical heel not higher than 4cm, wide and reliable;
  • Orthopedic products, which helps distribute the load on the spine and the whole body.
In the first stages of illness the ideal solution is to buy Shoe, custom made to fit the features of the feet of the patient.

The correctly chosen pair of shoes will protect women's feet from developing complications and will help to get rid of painful sensations. Performing the function of a load balancer, orthopedic footwear improves the muscles of the foot and relieves corns, extreme fatigue and pain.

During the consultation the doctor will tell what kind of shoes you should choose. He can advise on special inserts and orthotics addition to a similar pair. Sometimes become topical and correctors in the form of a hammer that is worn on the fingers and divide them by reducing the pressure. Correctors unload metatarsal bone and protect against the formation of calluses.

Humidity hallux valgus is not only undesirable factor, but of dangerous consequence, which is fraught with severe discomfort and fungus. To choose products made from artificial materials at any time of the year – is harmful to health.

Shoes for women with hallux valgus looks no different from any other patterns, except that high heels with a narrow nose it does not happen. Inside the differences are huge: the elements in the form of cushioning arch support and cushions to maintain the forefoot orthopedic do a few "fashion" Shoe.

Features of shoes

With flat feet

Et recte electi calciamentis

If valgus is accompanied by a flattened arch of the foot, the shoes must meet additional requirements. Select a low heel, and sole – good to bend. Zipper replaced with laces or Velcro for an exact fit to the volume of the foot. To protect the feet from unnecessary burdens women's shoes need to be chosen so that it was below the ankle. And winter, on the contrary, slightly above her. It is important to pay attention to the degree of fixation of the heel. If she will hang out, orthopedic effect is achieved.

In inflammatory processes in the joints

If the joints develop inflammatory reactions, it is important to provide with the shoes maximum elimination of the load. Choose female models that are sufficiently wide in the area of the whole sole of the foot, but do not hang on the foot. Even in the orthopedic devices often insert an additional insole to enhance the effect. When you select should pay attention to the toe: if it is slightly raised, this will help reduce the load on the inflamed areas.


The disease is accompanied by complications in hallux valgus real problem is the violation of the skin, which leads to ulcers, constant cracking and even development of blood poisoning. To minimize the risk of such complications using the shoes, the appropriate specific requirements:

Domum ware
  • Sock – soft, without a hard layer;
  • Inside there are no open seams that can lead to small injuries or corn;
  • The shoes are not too tightly fit the leg;
  • The sole is rigid and inflexible with anatomical bend for better convenience in the process of movement;
  • Prefer shoes made of soft genuine leather with interior decoration hygroscopic materials to prevent any excess moisture.
Some women incorrectly imagine orthopedic shoes. But the shelter of stopping the progression of the disease, eliminate discomfort and improve daily activity, anatomical products offer hundreds of stylistic solutions for any image. Modern orthopedic shoes are beautiful, expressive, performed in different colors and designs.

Types of orthopedic shoes for women

In addition to the various designs and colors, orthopedic female models are divided by type of destination. They are summer, winter, autumn and spring, as well as homemade. Yes, it is for the house it is important to choose Slippers that will always help to maintain healthy feet and to increase the effect of treatment.

Home ware

With a long stay at home it is equally important to choose the right orthopedic shoes for walking the streets. Barefoot when hallux valgus is not recommended to walk. Even at home when sitting on the couch or chair may appear unpleasant sensations in the legs. Slippers selected in line with the form of the disease, will reduce stress, eliminate pain, help feet to always be in the correct position. Slippers are usually made from hypoallergenic textiles, but there are items from soft leather. They are made with an open heel and closed toe, either in the form of special flip flops.

Summer sandals and sandals

Summer orthopedic shoes for women with valgus pathology eliminates all the problems that brings with it the summer. now you can be stylish and beautiful, even for therapeutic shoes, not the ugliness of your legs high with a hairpin or awkward positions of sandals made of artificial materials. Manufacturers produce different female models summer clothing for women with an orthopedic problem:

  • Clogs;
  • Moccasins;
  • Sandals;
  • Sandals in sport and classic style.
Some brands treat their products with special products that prevent the growth of bacteria. If you look at pictures of summer shoes from some manufacturers, you can find non-standard solutions: wedges or platform above 4-5 cm.

Winter shoes and boots

Winter boots, boots and ankle boots for women with valgus deformity is therapeutic and offers a high resistance to many tracks. Used for the production of thermoplastic elastomers-a material that does not slip on the ice. The shoes are equipped with natural fur, wool and other materials that retain heat, but not stimulating overheating.

Spring and autumn shoes

In the production of models for the off-season takes into account all the requirements described above. The pair is supplied with the bike warm and other materials that retain heat, but are not that hot, as winter options. Available positions low and high.

Aestate calciamenta

Little tricks when choosing orthopedic products

To buy shoes for the treatment and prevention of hallux valgus is required in person or through online stores the opportunity to try on before buying at home. To give this process should be a maximum time and attention:

  • A couple needs to be comfortable;
  • Summer couples matched in size, and fall and winter – sock;
  • Try on both shoes, flip flops or both shoes, since the deformation of a common problem – mismatch between the size of different feet in the same pair of shoes;
  • You need to walk 3-5 minutes;
  • Shoes do not slip on the floor to try hall.

Choice of quality orthopedic shoes for women with valgus pathology is the only solution which in combination with the therapeutic measures will help to minimise stress and eliminate complications. Ignoring this factor will lead to operations and serious consequences!