Orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus

Common pathology, in which feet flatten and collapse inward, called a valgus deformity. The disease progresses gradually and slowly, because of this features to diagnose it early, the residual difficult. First, a person starts to feel discomfort while wearing the usual shoes, then there are painful sensations, and at the later stages the big toe deviates outwards, and at its base forms a "pit".

valgus of the foot in a child

In children orthopedic shoes with hallux valgus will help to return to her correct form, because the bones and joints of malleable kids. Correctly matched pair will make life easier for a grown man, get rid of physical and psychological discomfort. But to anti hallux valgus products brought only benefit, you need to choose them right.

hallux valgus is a common disorder that is often diagnosed in children and women after 30 years. In adult patients the pathology provokes flat feet, various traumatic and not traumatic factors.

Signs AD-hallux of the foot, which may be detected 2 years:

  • The feet of the child while walking are at an angle.
  • X-shaped deformation feet, the inside of the ankles are touching, the distance between the heels is significant.
  • Mid-foot is lowered, the outer part of the heel is rotated outwards, and internal – is also omitted.
  • The child relies on the floor the entire surface of the foot.
  • The pain occurs in the spine.
  • There is increased fatigue, discomfort in the legs.
  • The sole of the Shoe wears from the inside.

The main symptom of hallux valgus of the feet is the deviation of the big toe outward and the formation of its "bones".

Hallux valgus can be congenital or acquired. In the first case the shape of the foot is disturbed in utero.

Doctors have identified the main reasons for the curvature of the foot:

  • Flat feet. By reducing the arch of the foot often formed bone in the thumb.
  • Osteoporosis (increased bone fragility). Foot deformed due to a lack of calcium in the body.
  • Weight. When overweight increases the load on the lower part of the legs.
  • Genetic predisposition. Weak muscles and ligaments can be inherited, then you increase the chance of flat feet and deformity of the foot.
  • Violation of the functionality of the endocrine glands. Hormonal imbalance during gestation, menopause, monthly fluctuations associated with the menstrual cycle can weaken ligaments.
  • Injuries to the lower leg also cause hallux valgus.

Because of the pathology of the disturbed functionality of the ligaments, tendons, muscles of the foot. Then the head of one of the bones of the finger is deflected outwards and there is a "bone". Valgus deformity causing pain. To ease the discomfort, to minimize the effects of pathology, it is necessary to choose suitable footwear. Otherwise, increasing the likelihood of complications (joint damage), then help only surgical intervention.

the therapeutic effect

The therapeutic effect

As mentioned earlier, at risk of hallux valgus infants, teenagers, women older than 30 years. In patients of younger age categories only violated the form of the feet, and the ladies still appears painful lump. With such a problem the shoes should choose specialty stores.

The therapeutic effect of anti hallux valgus products:

  • Ease the pain and discomfort during movement.
  • Stop the further deformity of the thumb.
  • Used for prevention of dry calluses.
  • Help to avoid swelling, tired legs in the evening.
  • Evenly distribute the load on the bone joints, ligaments. This property orthopedic pairs are particularly important for patients with excess weight.

Thanks to the anti-valgus shoes, reducing the load on the spine, knees, ankle. It helps to relax the gastrocnemius muscle. The product is made of natural leather allows the skin to breathe, maintains your body temperature within certain limits, prevents fungal diseases.

. A child with hallux valgus flat feet are advised to wear a Shoe that corrects the arch of the foot in clubfoot, normalize his gait and posture. Orthopedic products, put the foot in a correct position and stop further deformation.

Preventive shoes can be found in specialty shops or online. Treatment and recovery models create order only for each patient individually.

Requirements for orthopedic shoes

Orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus is selected only after consulting a podiatrist. It is important to choose a pair with the insole with a special form and structure to evenly distribute the load, correct positioning of the feet. If you use these shoes in the early stages, it will help to stop the progression of the disease.

When choosing shoes, you should pay attention to the basic parameters:

how to choose the shoes
  • Sock. The forward part should not be too narrow or wide. The fingers should be in anatomically correct position.
  • Heel. This part should be wide, height from 5 to 10 mm, and a shape elongated on the inner edge of the sole (heel Thomas). This design aligns the foot, helps to keep the balance.
  • The heel. This part of the door needs to be closed, high, hard. Thanks to the rigid plate and heel counter locks the heel and ankle in the correct position. Then the leg leans to one side or the other.
  • Clasp. Anti hallux valgus fasteners should be tightly fix the ankle in the correct position. Usually orthopedic products is quite high with sturdy snap closure along the entire height of the product. Fix the leg can a shoelace or some Velcro.
  • Sole. People with valgus deformity of the foot orthotic will fit models with a dense, elastic, non-slip, lightweight sole, which ensures a high level of depreciation. Thus the back part of the sole must be equipped with hard inserts. The best material for soles – rubber.
  • The arch support. Orthopedic shoes usually feature black insoles with a thickening under the middle part of the foot. Such devices help to restore the arch of the foot. In neglected cases the arch supports made to order.
  • Material. Anti hallux valgus products are sewn exclusively from natural materials. Leather shoes allows the foot to breathe, she perfectly captures the foot and elastic enough. In addition, the shoes or sandals of leather durable.

Due to metatarsal pads in the region of the sock (under your fingers) orthopedic Shoe, the forefoot is offloaded.

Anti hallux valgus mass production model used for the prevention of curvature of the foot or in the early stages of the disease. They recommended to patients, close relatives which suffered from flat feet or weakness of the muscles and ligaments of the feet.

When severe deformation of the foot shows shoes made to order. These products speed up the recovery in the complex treatment, eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

After surgery for hallux valgus, which is performed in advanced cases, the patient feels discomfort, possible swelling and pain. For 2 weeks after surgery, the patient walks on crutches, lean on the operated limb is not recommended to raise it above the level of the body. Special shoes after surgery helps to transfer the load on the heel, wear it for about 2 months and removed only during rest or sleep. Then the patient can buy soft shoes or sandals 1 – 2 size bigger on a small heel (3 – 5cm).

Features of orthopedic shoes with different types of pathology

At valguse with flat feet need to choose a pair with a low heel, flexible sole. Instead of a zipper on the shoes should be the laces or Velcro that allow you to adjust the volume. To unload foot, you need to pay attention to the height of products: more suitable for summer sandals below the ankles, and for winter the above specified area. The heel should be rigid so that it is securely fixed heel.

In the presence of inflammatory joint diseases orthopedic footwear allows to eliminate unnecessary strain. Need to choose a model with broad base across the province, which tightly secures the foot. Insoles will help to enhance the orthopedic effect. The toe was lifted to remove the load on the affected areas.

types of shoes

If hallux valgus is accompanied by diabetes, the patient cracks, ulcers on the leg, there is a possibility of blood poisoning. To avoid such complications, you need to choose shoes that has the following characteristics:

  • Soft nose.
  • No internal seams that can cause wounds or blisters.
  • The product should not be hard to fit foot.
  • The sole is stiff, there should be an anatomic curve that does not bend while walking.
  • You need to choose a pair of leather-trimmed hygroscopic material, whereby the foot does not sweat.

It is important to consider the above requirements to avoid dangerous complications.

Types of shoes for women

Orthopedic shoes for women not only stops the development of hallux valgus, but also features a beautiful design. You can find a model for any season or home use.

If a girl spends a lot of time at home, you need to buy home-made orthopedic Slippers. A long walk barefoot in the pathology is not recommended. Even with a sedentary lifestyle may appear discomfort in the lower extremities. To be able to select house Slippers, you need to consider the form of the disease. Such a pair will help to reduce the load on the legs, to ease the pain, ensure the correct location of the stop. Orthopedic products for the home is most often made of hypoallergenic fabric or soft leather.

Summer therapeutic shoes can also be beautiful, while it evenly distributes the load on the foot, secures them in the correct position. The range of female models for a big summer: clogs, moccasins, sandals, sport or classic sandals.

Some models of summer footwear is treated with special compounds that do not allow bacteria to develop. There are non-standard models on the wedge heel or platform height of 4 to 5 cm.

Winter boots for patients with valgus deformity have a non-slip, stable sole. For its production used thermoplastic that resists slipping. Inside the product is natural fur or hair, which retain heat, but do not allow the foot to stay cool.

Boots meet all the requirements of orthopedic shoes. In addition, they are insulated inside by the bikes, which will allow the foot to stay warm in spring or autumn. The height of the products is different: ankle or above it.

recommendations on the choice of

Recommendations on the choice of

To anti hallux valgus products brought only benefit, you need to follow the rules of their choice:

  • Buy a pair exactly in the size: too loose will not provide support for the feet, and very tight will provoke complications. Winter boot should be 1 size more.
  • Before buying, try shoes, walk in them 3 minutes to understand how they are comfortable.
  • Give preference to models with wide toe, products with a narrow nose is contraindicated in pathology.
  • When hallux valgus is to buy products with a non-slip sole that bends well.
  • Go for a pair with arch support that relieves foot.
  • Only buy leather or suede shoes.

Buy orthopedic shoes by yourself, so you could try on. Buying in online store is possible if the sellers provide an opportunity before paying to try it at home.

Prevention of hallux valgus

To prevent the formation of hallux valgus foot of the child, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • Eat right during pregnancy, see your doctor regularly in order to identify neurological disorders.
  • To prevent rickets in baby, feeding him from her breast, and 8 enter into the diet of foods rich in calcium and phosphorus.
  • Let your child fish oil and vitamin D.
  • Do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the child's legs to massage them. Let him frequently walk barefoot.
  • After the baby learned to walk, buy him orthopaedic shoes to prevent deformity.
  • Teach him to ride a bike, he must pedal tibialia or in shoes with flexible soles.
  • Buy baby massage Mat, which will help prevent hallux valgus.
  • Swedish wall helps to prevent various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Teach your toddler to climb on the round bars during this activity, tense all the muscles of the foot.
  • Teach your child to walk, when you see that they are ready to. Remember that his muscles and joints still weak, so do not overload them.
  • Buy only high-quality leather shoes with rubber sole.
  • Regularly check the child by a podiatrist or surgeon.

As you can see, hallux valgus is a dangerous pathology, which needs orthopedic shoes. Before choosing a pair, consult a podiatrist, who will tell you what products will suit you. Consider the main characteristics of orthopedic models, make the purchase yourself. Remember, anti-valgus shoes in combination with therapeutic measures will help to avoid complications and surgery.