Orthopedic shoes for women with hallux valgus

Common orthopedic pathology is hallux valgus. One could say that this is one of punishment to mankind for bipedalism, but because they suffer from it mostly women podiatrists suggest that in the formation of the considerable problems involved uncomfortable shoes.

hallux valgus in women

Because of the fair half of mankind will perish narrow shoes, striving to be like Cinderella, and tall heels.

Strong deformation of the foot primarily affect women because ligaments have less men.

The problem

Hallux valgus affects the lower extremities and partly develops in childhood and even infancy, when the baby is too early to stand.

Load is not strong enough muscles and ligaments, and contributes to the development of various pathologies.

Flat feet

One of the reasons for the development of hallux valgus flatfoot is considered the connivance of the parents who let the baby to stand on legs not strong enough.

Flat feet is one of the most common reasons for seeing a doctor-orthopedist, the problem of the arch of the foot decreases while its axis is shifted.

Among the main reasons include the following:

  • congenital disorders;
  • weight;
  • valgus deformity of the ankle joint — the foot collapses inwards, and the heel moves outwards;
  • the consequences of the injury;
  • the complication of other diseases.

Pathology of the first toe

This pathology is called hallux valgus. It leads to changes in the Tarsus phalangem joint.

Thumb eventually collapses on the basis of others, disrupting their natural position.

This is the problem that a podiatrist often turn women.

valgus of the heels

High heels lead to uneven loading on the forefoot, develops not only the deformity of the big toe joint, but osteoarthritis, muscle and ligament weakening.

In the development of problems contributing to endocrine disruption, transverse flat feet and genetic predisposition.

In place of the deformation of the joint appears a growing bone, the joint starts to hurt, my legs quickly tired, even when walking slowly.

Will special shoes

The adjustment and treatment of hallux valgus deformities is complex and lengthy. In the list of activities includes medical ways, physiotherapeutic treatment, massage and even, if necessary, surgical intervention.

In parallel with these methods cannot be discounted and the selection of comfortable shoes and purely on the recommendations of the orthopedist.

This will allow the foot while walking to take a physiologically correct position at which pressure it is distributed evenly.

If a woman is flat-valgus deformity, the choice of "clothes for legs" should be guided by some criteria.

In the production should be of high quality materials, ensure the normal ventilation. At the same time with quality regulation should be flexible sole in the front part and the rear needs to be rigid arch support.

With PLANO-valgus deformation of the shoes should be high and dense arch support, with rigid and high heel that is 3 cm needs to be above the heel.

To unload the forefoot, must be present meta tarsal pads, the density of which is maximum close to the density of the tissues in the human foot. This will create additional comfort when walking — shock loads are evenly distributed and the transverse arch of the foot unloads.

The deformation of the first toe, the heel should not exceed 4 cm, and the shoes should be with a wide nose and a soft leather so as not to pin down the growing lump.

Inside the footbed must be present anatomical arch support to support the arch of the foot.

In addition to the convenience and practicality these shoes should have little weight.

These products are made to order or purchased in a specialty store. Of course, just using even the right shoes to cure the foot, but in the initial stages of pathology development it will help to stop deformation and at any stage of the disease is to eliminate pain when walking.

orthopedic shoes for women

A review of the popular manufacturers

For women modern manufacturers offer a wide range of products, correction of hallux valgus deformity. Such shoes, if not stopping, at least slowing down the development of problems.

Thus according to the appearance of the model often do not differ from usual, but inside is designed with the use of depreciation cushions and arch supports.

Almost all footwear sellers advertise their products as orthopedic, but most often it is only a preventative product.

In order not to make the wrong choice, you should know at least the basic brand of shoes produced for its intended use, and to understand the difference between preventive and orthopedic products.

Orthopedic shoes for women with hallux valgus – a medical version of the product, which is often custom-made tailored to the specific disease of the foot or other portion of the foot.

Mass produced models typically focus only on the solution of common problems, in particular hallux valgus deformation.

Preventive (anatomical, rational) products is designed to prevent the development of abnormalities.


To buy orthopedic shoes should be only personally, in a calm atmosphere, without haste. She needs to be comfortable, so the fitting should be taken responsibly.

Summer, spring and autumn models you need to choose the exact size, but winter can be slightly longer in case you want to wear a warm sock.

Wear a pair of shoes should be fully — fitting only on one leg is not considered complete. Often the soles of the person are slightly different in size.

how to choose shoes when valguse

Shoes should walk, and not around the dressing room banquettes, and a wide step around the trading floor, it is necessary to pay attention to how the soles do not slip on the floor and is bent when walking.

The best option for the modern woman — not to bring your foot to the emergence of hallux valgus deformities.

But if trouble happened, we should not neglect the recommendations of the orthopedist and in no case do not skimp on the purchase of the specialized orthopedic Shoe, because good health begins in the feet.