The treatment of PLANO-valgus foot in a child

In fact, valgus deformity and flat feet different pathology of the lower extremities, but most frequently there is a combination of lowering of the arch of the feet, peculiar feet, and changing the position of the foot under load with the displacement of the inside, is characteristic of hallux valgus.

Valgus curvature is such deformation in which the child in an upright position relies mainly on the inner part of the foot and the toes and the heel is deployed in the outer direction.

Tendines musculos et pedes in infantibus est infirma

In normal production legs should be parallel, that is, when you look at the two standing feet back, you can mentally spend two straight vertical line. In a child with valgus deformations of those lines are refracted in the area of the ankle joint with a deflection to the outer side, which causes the second name of pathology, X-shaped deformation.

With flat feet it is much more complicated. All children from birth is a physiological flat foot, so consider this pathology in 1-2 years is impossible. However podiatrists consider the problem comprehensively, and in the medical record the child appears frightening parents diagnosis — PLANO-valgus deformity.


pedes parum

Quite rare, but valgus curvature can be congenital. For some reason the lower limbs of the fetus in the womb begin to develop abnormally. Such legs can be seen almost immediately after the appearance of the baby born, and in 2-3 months the diagnosis is usually already placed rightly.

Often the pathology is the acquired character. PLANO-valgus foot can be due to excessive load on weak legs. This happens when parents too early start to put the baby in a Walker.

To 9 months verticalizers the device cannot be used.

Tendons and muscles of the feet in babies is weak, in addition, some children have innate characteristic – the weakness of the connective tissue, therefore any negative impacts associated with a large load on the legs that can lead to hallux valgus, which is due to age-related features is a duet with physiological flat feet in young children, with pathological flat foot in children of more advanced age.

Most susceptible to the disease:

  • premature and small children;
  • children with cerebral palsy and other neuro muscular pathologies;
  • chubby kids with excess weight;
  • children with hip dysplasia;
  • kids who have had the rickets;
  • weak and sickly babies;
  • children who are uncomfortable and too soft shoes that do not support stop;
  • children who received injuries to the ankle, knee, muscles or tendons, the metatarsal bones of the foot.
suspendisse Mat


PLANO-valgus foot in the early stages at an early age is hard enough are distinguishable for non-parent eyes. All kids are clumsy, making their first steps, they are a little shuffle with their feet, and in most cases this is the most common. However, a specialist-orthopedist can determine the starting deformation at the initial stage.

In children after one and a half years and older is an incorrect statement of the foot is associated with symptoms such as fatigue, leg pain when walking, inability to run fast, swelling of the lower extremities in the evening after a day in a vertical position.

When the Latin letter X in shape of two close legs begins to be evident, it usually is already on severe anomalies.

PLANO-valgus foot is not a sentence. Timely begun treatment, in a responsible and systematic approach to it parents, the function stops when no serious pathology can be restored in full. All depends on the degree of the disease.

The degrees are measured by the deflection angle of the vertical axis from the norm and the height of the arch of the foot. The larger the deflection angle and the lower the altitude, the more severe is the pathology.

Surgical intervention may require 3-4 degree PLANO-valgus deformity. More light violations productions of the foot are adjusted conservatively.

Conservative treatment

exercitia cum pila

The treatment will be necessarily complex. Individual activities and procedures will not bring the desired result. Also parents should be prepared that the process of getting rid of strain will take a long time. The higher the degree of the disease, the more time it will need for treatment.

Sometimes therapy takes years. In fact, should change the way of life of the child, all the requirements of an orthopaedic surgeon should be an integral part of it.

Orthopedic shoes

Wearing special footwear, aimed at forced the correct formulation of the foot, you may have children with 2-3 degrees of disease, and also kids, who had surgery on the feet with 3-4 degrees of deformation.

Do not try to choose a Shoe pair myself. The medical couple is the task of professionals. First, the podiatrist will give an informed opinion and description, which will specify the parameters of the abnormality, the degree of deviation in setting the foot, and will also give quite specific parameters of the height of the foot arch of a particular patient.

With these recommendations, parents have to go to an orthopedic salon, where they will select the required pair, and if you need footwear not to sew it on order.

Orthopedic shoes with PLANO-valgus setting the legs should have high solid backs, sides tight to the leg securely fixed in the correct position. Such shoes have arch supports and orthopedic insoles.

Is the orthopedic Shoe a pair of expensive, that it often becomes a cause of a failure from purchase. Parents attempt to find a cheaper alternative. Experience shows that this is impossible, as no normal manufacturer of children's shoes, even if it is positioning its product as orthopedic, does not make pairs for the curvature of the foot.

Even the best shoes from good manufacturer are created for the proper setting of the feet, they are not designed for the correction of the curvature of the leg.

It is therefore important to raise funds and to gain a real orthopedic shoes, which coupled with other treatments will surely give a positive result.


Massage — a prerequisite for a successful recovery. It can be done, of course, and have a professional masseur, but given that training will be much better to keep the family budget (massage is expensive) and learn to do it yourself.

The basis of massage — classical techniques that are based on iron, stretch and vibration exposure.

The order of techniques in each massage area is this: first, easy stroking, massaging more deeply, hold the tap and finish the session with light soothing to stroke.

Massage in PLANO-valgus deformity is necessary:

  • feet, toes, metatarsal region of the foot, the heel;
  • with the ankle in a circular motion around the ankle joint;
  • the knee joint in a circular motion;
  • the front and back of thighs;
  • buttocks;
  • lower back-sacral region;
  • the lower part of the back.

To end the session you can massage a foot bath in which warm water will gradually become cold, parents should pour the cold water slowly. Useful vigorous rubbing feet, calves and thighs hard with a towel.

Usually a course of massage is prescribed for 10-14 days, then after 2-3-week break the course is repeated. Massage helps to improve blood flow to the lower extremities, strengthen the ligaments and muscles.

Foot baths

And the mild form of the disease, and deformation 2-3-4 degree, it is useful to do a child's evening bath relaxing with the therapeutic effect. For them, use warm water with added herbs decoction.

Usually to soothe the legs, improve blood circulation, relieve swelling and tension helps a decoction of chamomile (in 250 ml water — 1 teaspoon of dry herbal). You can also use burdock root with the addition of ready for a bath of a solution of a teaspoon of ordinary baking soda.


Gymnastic complex in this pathology includes over 20 exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the lower limbs. Teach parents and child medical gymnastics can a specialist instructor in the physical therapy office in the clinic by place of residence.

The exercises are simple, accessible to everyone, they should be performed daily at home. Can be included in a complex block of exercises in a standing position on a special massage Mat. For these purposes, you can choose orthopedic applicator pad made of a hard material and having a sufficiently high hard terrain or having their basis in a massage needles.

Physical therapy

In the treatment of flat-valgus foot installation use the electrophoresis, magnetic therapy and electro muscle stimulation. All of these procedures at home is not possible to hold, you will have to visit the clinic or private medical center.

By itself, physical therapy in this case nothing is not a cure, but strengthens and supplements the effect which combine to give other components of the complex therapy


Parents of chubby babies with excessive weight will have to put the child on a diet, as weight affects the speed of deformation. The higher the weight, the faster development of degenerative processes in joints, ligaments and muscle tissue.

Come to the aid of a pediatrician and a dietician, the child signs a special menu rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamins b, C, E, D, PP. From the child's diet eliminate all fast food, smoked, pickled and spicy foods.

Fatty replace meat diet, canned food — boiled and baked fish, fish cakes. On the table of the child should always be fruits and vegetables.

If the kid led a sedentary lifestyle, the whole family are encouraged to get up from the computers and more to make quiet walks, the kid with PLANO-valgus foot should not play football and hockey, to skate, but the benefit will go to swimming and Cycling.

The load on the legs should be increased gradually as the positive dynamics in the treatment process. Regularly have to visit a podiatrist to monitor the situation from a professional point of view.

Massage, gymnastics, physical therapy, physical therapy and an active lifestyle will help to literally get on my feet. Moreover, to stand up for the right — smoothly and comfortably.