Hallux valgus in adults

Many women face this problem, as the appearance of bumps next to the thumb. For the treatment of hallux valgus is frequently used bus. What is it? And how to wear it?

valgus tire

Features of application of valgus tires

Deformity of the thumb, where the side is a lump, is observed in many women. When walking often have pain, discomfort. There are problems with a purchase of shoes.

For the treatment of hallux valgus in the early stages used various ointments, recipes of traditional medicine. However, at a later date, such methods do not help. An effective remedy is the use of valgus of the tire. To acquire such a device can be in almost any pharmacy.

The product is a bandage, which is applied to the cone and fixed with metatarsal girth. As a result of constant exposure to the affected area is the joint return to normal position.

It is important to know that to use the device only after consulting with your doctor. Only after the examination, the podiatrist submitted a final diagnosis and is given permission (or prohibition) for wearing the valgus of the tire.

When wearing a valgus tire Hallufix hinged has the following effect:

  • evenly distributes the load when walking and standing;
  • gradually reduces the size of the bumps;
  • helps to reduce pain.

In some cases, the device is not only used for the prevention and treatment of disease, but also is worn in post surgery after surgical removal of bone. This brace speeds rehabilitation facilitates the process of walking.

Today orthopaedic valgus splint is the most effective tool in the fight against the curvature of the foot. When wearing the device, the stop is in normal anatomical position, which speeds up the healing process, does not cause discomfort when worn.

The disadvantages of valgus of the tire is attributed to the high cost of the device. In addition, the soft elements of the bandage after three months should be replaced, which requires additional costs. And the duration of treatment may be six months. In addition, often treatment is required from both legs, which increases the cost by half.

how to wear a splint

How to wear?

To obtain the most positive result of wearing the splint hallux valgus need in exact accordance with instructions for use. Great attention is paid to correct positioning of the tire on his leg. Thus, the plastic element must be strictly perpendicular to the floor. If this condition is not met, then the thumb will be fixed in the wrong position. And it threatens the incorrect correction of the joint. Therefore, the locking device with your own hands, you need to carefully monitor the proper location of all items.

When wearing the valgus of the tire manufacturers recommend to use other ways to treat the bumps. Good effect have gels and ointments, comprimit. To buy such products at the drugstore.

Valgus tire Hallufix is used only in the daytime, at night it is removed. Before sleep you can do comprimit and lotions. They not only have a therapeutic effect, but also reduce pain.

The first visible results can be seen after 2 months. In this case, as the manufacturer says you can wear normal shoes. However, the user reviews say otherwise. Many people manage to wear only sneakers, wide shoes.

We must not forget about contraindications to the use of the tire. It is forbidden to carry the device in the fourth stage of the disease, the presence of gout, arthritis and rheumatism. You can't put a bandage on open wounds, abrasions, inflammation.

A comprehensive treatment of deformation

Hallux valgus is observed both in adults and in children. The causes of disease development can be different. It could be a congenital pathology, genetic predisposition, trauma of the foot, the effects of transverse flatfoot, osteoporosis, endocrine disorders. In children to cure the violation much easier and faster, since the tissues are still soft and are corrected.

Treatment is carried out comprehensively. In addition to tires valgus, recommended to wear orthopedic shoes, massage, to do remedial gymnastics and to take bath. It is also worth surface treated with special creams.

At night you can put night splint Hav Splint. It helps to eliminate pain also corrects the deformation changes of the foot. Night bus ensures a peaceful sleep, while carrying out a therapeutic function. It also should set their hands to the proper position.

The course of treatment prescribed by the doctor after the patient pass the screening.

Podiatrist prescribes necessary treatments in accordance with individual differences. In any case be self-medicate yourself to use a particular drug for the treatment of hallux valgus.

Valgus feet in children: what is it, symptoms, treatment

Hallux valgus in children is a condition in which changes the angle of the joints of the foot, and weakened ligaments is unable to stabilize the joints.

The result is a violation of the axis of the legs, which manifests itself "salsugo" the inner part of the foot inward and entails a lot of undesirable consequences.

the reasons for the development of valgus


The reason for the development of hallux valgus curvature one: the weakening of the ligamentous apparatus of the foot, as a result violated its correct position. This condition is very rarely congenital, when the hallux valgus diagnosed in the first days after birth.

The vast majority of cases, deformity of foot acquired condition, which may be the following factors:

  • genetic predisposition to pathologies ligaments (family history of hallux valgus);
  • excess body weight;
  • diseases accompanied by metabolic disorders (diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc.);
  • rickets;
  • Hyper avitaminosis;
  • mineral deficiency (very common condition in children suffering from disorders of water-salt metabolism or chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by diarrhea);
  • flat feet;
  • injuries to the feet in which the hallux valgus position of the foot is in the nature of antalgicheskaya (the position where the pain less noticeable) – long "antalgic period" may form hallux valgus installation.


Most parents go to the doctor, only drawing attention to the baby shoes: the heel is erased from the inside, and part of the shoes facing each other (for example, a site with the zip on boots) is significantly worn at the bottom.

But hallux valgus, there are other symptoms that need to notice:

  1. When you look at the child from the back can clearly see the change in the axis of the legs, from ankles, legs "go" in hand, and when asked to put your heels together, the child experiences difficulties.
  2. Children who just learned to walk, has not yet formed a correct position of the foot, so the curvature of the axis can be a natural and temporary (not more than 2-3 weeks until your leg muscles get used to the loads). But be careful, how to look like a baby's feet at the side. If your knees seem excessively unbent, as if curved backwards (the so-called "knee of the grasshopper") – there is reason to assume a weakening of the ligamentous apparatus. Therefore, the treatment of a podiatrist would be appropriate from the point of view of prevention of hallux valgus which is developed due to defects in ligaments.
  3. Older children may complain of pains in legs towards evening.
  4. Incorrect positioning of the joints leads to fast fatigue of the child, it can be seen in the fact that he often refuses active games.



Hallux valgus, left unattended, can lead to more serious conditions that go far beyond "cosmetic" defects or problems quickly gerens shoes. Among the complications the most common are:

  • scoliosis (curvature of the spine);
  • degenerative changes in hip, knee and ankle joints;
  • early degenerative disc disease, etc.

These conditions can develop for the reason that hallux valgus position of the foot changes the position of other joints. As a result, an incorrect load distribution on the spine, rapid amortization of bone and cartilage tissues, violation of motor function of the leg joints and many other comorbidities.


The principle of treatment of hallux valgus based on a bilateral approach, in which parents work closely with your doctor. This requirement is due to the duration of treatment and the need to adjust the position of the foot gradually and consistently. Only parents can follow up on doctor's appointments and to monitor the healing process at home.


Drug treatment of hallux valgus in children is appointed in the following cases:

  1. Pathology developed as a result of violations of metabolic processes in the tissues (rickets, Hyper avitaminosis, etc.). In these cases, the use of drugs, whose action is directed at eliminating the causes of deformation (restorative drugs, vitamin therapy, biostimulation substances that contribute to the normalization of the exchange substances, etc.).
  2. The presence of pronounced pain syndrome. In children hallux valgus is rarely accompanied by severe pain, but when this happens, your doctor may prescribe local anesthetics (ointments, gels) relieves pain. Analgesics for internal use are prescribed to children in exceptional cases and only on the principle of individual selection of drugs, taking into account the child's age.

Orthopedic treatment

hallux valgus insole

This is the predominant method of treatment of children who have formed a hallux valgus curvature of the feet. In the process of treatment using prescribed special insoles, Shoe inserts, arch supports, clamps, finger correctors, ties that lead foot in a physiologically correct position.

The treatment process is quite long: when wearing such devices ligamentous apparatus of the foot "gets used" to stress, which leads to a change in the angle of the joint, and as wear orthopedic insoles and liners independently adjusts and "remembers" the correct time pulling the ligaments.

With a substantial degree of curvature when the foot is its inner side almost completely "overwhelmed", for the orthopedic treatment can be applied specially manufactured shoes that captures not only the foot but also the lower part of the tibia.

Important: external correction of the position of the feet does not mean that the treatment process is ended. Early and unjustified termination of orthopedic treatment of the foot in most cases returns to its original position. Therefore, the decision to end the wearing orthopedic appliances should be made only by the attending physician, and only on the basis of the evaluation of the progress in the status of the ligamentous apparatus and its readiness for self-maintenance of the foot in the correct position.

Physical therapy and exercise therapy

Therapeutic exercise is a necessary stage in the treatment of hallux valgus curvature of the foot, as the load specified ligamentous apparatus when you exercise, contribute to strengthen and stabilize the joint in the correct position. Depending on the child's age, degree of deformity and other factors, the complexity of the complex physical therapy and duration of treatment vary widely.

Physical therapy used in the treatment of hallux valgus as a helper method, which activates metabolic processes in tissues and improves the flow in nutrients. Deformation of foot in children is most often recommended foot mud baths, magnet therapy, massage.

Surgical treatment

Valgus feet in children, which is not treatable with the help of wearing orthotic devices and physical therapy, are effectively cured by surgical method. This method is also successfully used for the treatment of hallux valgus, severe.

hallux valgus surgery

During the operation the surgeon carries out the correction of the joint angle at which the mutual position of the bones of the foot are provided in a physiologically correct position. In addition, the doctor distributes the tension of the ligaments of the foot so that the ligaments support and stabilize the joint.

As a rule, on the second day after surgery, the child is allowed to walk independently, as modern surgical equipment allows for intervention without significant tissue damage.

Important: surgical correction of hallux valgus does not negate the need to wear orthopedic appliances and physical therapy course. It should be remembered that the long-term success of the operation depends on how accurately and responsibly the patient follows the doctor's recommendations during the recovery period.