Flat hallux valgus: causes and treatment

This type of flatfoot is very common, according to the latest estimates, 50 percent of all deformities of the feet, accounts for the plana hallux valgus deformation. Most often this disease meets at children of younger school and preschool age.

PLANO valgus foot

The main reasons plana hallux valgus deformation of the stop

The most common cause of plana hallux valgus deformation is dysplastic changes in the skeleton of the foot and weakness of the tendon-muscular apparatus of lower extremities.


Plana hallux valgus deformity of foot is of several types:

  1. Static
  2. Paralytic
  3. Rachitic
  4. Congenital
  5. Traumatic

Prevention of the disease

  • Avoid plana hallux valgus deformity in the child, it is necessary to properly maintain and plan the pregnancy.
  • Not to burden the child's legs to eight months. During the walk, baby needs support.
  • Regularly prevention of rickets. Oddly enough, but even in the modern world, this disease is very common.
  • Every year to go for a visit to the doctor. It is always easier to treat the disease at early stages.
  • Wear the right shoes. Correct, it does not mean expensive, it needs to be convenient and approved by the podiatrist.

Flat hallux valgus treatment

If the disease is run, then after a very short time the ligaments and tendons in the feet begin to weaken or can even cease to function. This can provoke a variety of changes in the joints and bones. The longer you ignore this disease, the faster and the more it progresses.

A very large deviation of the thumb is likely to discard the following because the thumb will be very pressure on the next and so on. Besides, it is worth remembering that the lump on the bone will increase rapidly in the near future can purchase the large size and incredible shape. Most sufferers plana hallux valgus deformity of the foot, mistakenly believe that it is only a minor deviation, but it is not so.

deformity of foot causes

First and foremost, Plana hallux valgus deformity of foot, can cause very severe physical pain not only in the feet but in the legs as a whole. In addition, significant increases in the fatigue, and about the high heels and the platform in General need to forget. So what to do? In that case, if the disease is at its initial stage, it will be enough and self-treatment at home. It is necessary to regularly do the following exercises and to wear special insoles. But if the disease is already neglected, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Exercises for the treatment plana hallux valgus deformation of the stop

  • Sit on a comfortable chair and put both feet on a small ball. Pushing hard on his feet, you must roll the ball on the floor. The same exercise can be done with a mechanical massager that is very similar to the old scores.
  • Sitting on a chair, in turn, compress the rubber ball right and left foot.
  • Sit on the floor, on the rug in Turkish, that is, cross-legged. After perking up a bit and become on the outer edges of both feet. During this exercise it is necessary to watch closely that the legs would remain straight and in a sitting position, the top should be in turn, then left, then right leg. Repeat this exercise should fifteen times.
  • To sit on a chair. Legs straight. Grab the toes of various small objects (small rocks, sticks, pencils, and so on) and drag them from place to place for five to ten minutes.
  • Every day, fifteen minutes a day, go subtiliter divisa rump or sand, effudit in a box or in a large bowl, back and forth.
  • Daily walk in a warm bath, while on the bottom you need to put a small smooth pebble or put extrahi re - rubber pad. It is worth remembering that the bath water should be as much that it overlaps the level of the ankle, and the water temperature should be 34-36 degrees. Repeat this exercise is essential for fifteen minutes.
  • Sitting on a comfortable chair, you must complete the traffic stop.
  1. Rotate the foot inwards.
  2. Bend the rear part of the foot.
  3. To bend the whole sole.
  4. Bend the toes.
  5. To rotate the feet, alternately, in one direction or the other.
  6. Bend the rear part to stop the capture of small objects.

The same exercises can be done with the child if he suffers from this disease. But it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to wait from the baby clear of performing all of the exercises. To do with it should be playing, in order not to discourage him positive emotions and interest, only in that case the result will be noticeable. And dealing with a child, it is necessary to reduce the number of repetitions of each exercise up to five times.

exercise during deformation

The main condition that the class was daily and systematic. Exercise is the most important and most difficult because it is impossible to pass on or whether someone else, and do it myself.

In addition to daily exercise is required daily restorative massage, but not only feet, but hips, buttocks and back, as well as, internal muscle groups of the lower leg.

As for leg muscles, it is of particular importance here is played by the muscles that are outside and in front, below the knee. During the massage, you need to do fovere, abrasive and stroking motion, three sets a day, each should last at least five minutes. In this disease it is necessary to take multiple courses with a break of four weeks. Massage you can trust the expert, but can be done independently.

In addition to exercise and massage must also have special corrective shoes with facere-usque wedge, arch support and stiff high heel.

How quickly will the effect?

The treatment is fully individual, the first result will be visible already after one week of regular classes. In some, the disease is a month later, and some six months later.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment from plana hallux valgus deformation of the stop can be conducted very rarely and only in very advanced cases. The percentage of patients requiring surgery is not more than five percent. If surgery is required, that is the plastic inner surface of the foot and tendons.