Orthopedic insoles with valgus deformity

Pathology of the foot can appear at any age. In babies they often are congenital or acquired – due to an early straightening. Acquired joint deformity in adults often affects women, as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Hallux valgus foot deformity characterized by displacement of the metatarsal joint and heel out and filled up the inner arch of the ankle joint inside. It causes curvature of the legs and the space between the ankles.

To wear orthopedic correctors can be any age, right after the child began to walk. Design helps to restore the joint in physiological position, without affecting healthy tissues.

Orthopaedicarum insoles in filios, cum valgus
Important!In children 3-5 years only formed foot, so it may have some signs of flat feet. In this period the wearing of orthopaedic appliances is optional, if there are no obvious signs of a developing pathology.

The main objective of anti hallux valgus insoles, the function of the simulator to the arch of the foot became his normal form. They are:

  • Reduce the load on the lower limbs;
  • Normalize blood circulation in the vessels of the legs;
  • Eliminate the discomfort and fatigue of feet and shins.

The types of prosthetic liners

Conservative treatment of hallux valgus includes daily wearing orthoses. There are different types of liners, which are used depending on the form of pathology and neglect. There are several classifications.

There are standard and custom made ear:

  • The finished insole. Are used to prevent symptoms and at the initial stage of deformation. The product can be purchased at any orthopedic store or pharmacy. Correctors are standard sizes, but modern models use a special synthetic material which has "memory effect" that adapts to the shape of the foot;
  • Individual inserts are made exactly according to the parameters of the foot. These products are used for the treatment of pathologies at any stage of its development. Doctors recommend to choose this type of orthotic insoles with valgus flat foot.
Important!Before buying standard orthopedic insoles too is necessary to consult a doctor. Wrong choice of the correctors can cause deterioration of the patient's condition.

On the shape tab in the shoes:

Functiones infantem pede insoles
  • Insoles support the entire sole, adjust the position of the feet;
  • The floor insoles are often used by women when wearing heels. Evenly redistribute the load from the metatarsal, preventing the deformation of the bone;
  • Under the heel is used in complex treatment of valgus flat foot;
  • The clamps are suitable for open shoes, they are almost not visible, but they perform the correction of the position of the joint of the first toe.

Age of the patient:

  • Baby. Orthopedic insoles with valgus for children are suitable for forming the legs, it is recommended to use together with the special shoes;
  • Adult adjusts the position of the arches of the feet, relieve tension from the lower limbs.

Depending on the functions performed:

  • Prophylactic orthoses (orthotics) are practically invisible when walking, have a slight damping effect. They are visually similar to the pillow support the foot in the correct position;
  • Treatment correctors are best used in closed shoes, well secures the foot. They are made of special elastic synthetic material or leather;
  • Treatment is prescribed to correct the alignment of the arches of the foot. Insoles are only together with orthopedic shoes, they have hard high frame that returns the foot to its normal physiological position.

How to choose insoles

The right choice of inserts for shoes affects the dynamics of the treatment of hallux valgus. Now you can find a means to correct for any taste and budget. Before the purchase of orthotic devices is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if you choose the insoles for kids, or when running valgus treatment in adults.

The choice of braces for kids

The selection of children's orthopedic insoles with valgus deformity should be taken seriously. With age, the problem will progress, if not to begin correction of the pathology from an early age. Before buying liners or shoes, you need to consult with a specialist, it will calculate the necessary height and shape of the arch support. Babies are often diagnosed the longitudinal flat feet, so the arch of the foot need more support to keep the foot in the correct position.

Interesting!To prevent valgus deformity and flat feet are advised to wear flat-soled shoes with quality and reliable fixings and fasteners.

Choosing orthopedic shoes in valgus for children, should pay attention to the following:

  • The heel should fit snugly and well fix the ankle, not touching the Achilles tendon;
  • Stiffer dampers on the sides is necessary to avoid lowering the heel;
  • Shoes must be sub-aqua, removable liner, the deepening for the heel, then the foot will be well fixed in the shoes when walking;
  • The sole should be thick, tough but flexible when moving;
  • A small wide heel will help to form the child the correct posture.

How to choose orthotic insole adult

Various types of correctors of the foot creates complexity in the choice of products. It is advisable to contact the doctor to choose the right means for the treatment of the deformity. Experts recommend the use of orthoses, made to measure, they are more effective than the standard, normalize the position of the feet.

The main parameter when choosing insoles – foot length. It must match with your foot size, not to bring any discomfort.

Genera orthopaedicarum interserit

Orthoses are made of different materials, so you should focus on their own feelings, you should be comfortable. The stiffness of the instep depends on what he's done:

  • Prophylactic insoles made of foam, cork or leather recommended for women who often wear high heels;
  • People who are overweight are recommended proofreaders of hard plastic or graphite;
  • Double-layered orthotics better to use a diabetics;
  • Insoles for valgus flat-stop are made of leather or felt;
  • Frame is suitable for patients who spend a lot of time on my feet.
Important!For patients with valgus flat feet, it is recommended to change the insole every 6-12 months. Any orthotic devices is recommended to be changed not less than once in 2 years.

When wearing corrective ear symptoms of hallux valgus should decrease or disappear. If no effect there, then you need to seek the advice of a podiatrist.

Orthotics effective for the treatment of hallux valgus in children and adults. It is important to choose proofreaders in size and stiffness of the arch support to correct the abnormal posture of the joint. The disease can be cured, if you follow all the recommendations for wearing the liners, but it will take a lot of time.