Seed treatment on legs folk remedies

"Bone" in the foot, at its core, is a reflection of the process of deformation of the joint between the head of the metatarsal bone and first finger. The narrow and uncomfortable shoes, flat feet cross in history, excess weight, violation of diet, unfavorable heredity — this is an incomplete list that may cause the appearance of "bones".

If you increase the spaces between the metatarsal bones of the foot, it expands and the big toe deviates outwards. At the beginning of the disease on the inner side of the foot there is a small "bump" which may increase over time and deliver a lot of inconvenience. Wide feet will not fit in ordinary shoes, and her soft tissues to compress, causing inflammation of the synovial bags, puffiness and redness.

deformatio iuncturam inter metatarsal os et caput primum digitum
If these processes do not stop in the later stages of the disease in the first metatarsal bones appear growths (osteophytes), and the deviation of the big toe becomes deformed cause of osteoarthritis of the second and third toes. The changes in the load on the foot as a whole is the appearance of calluses and rough calluses that cause pain when walking.

Why traditional recipes it is better to apply at the initial stage of the disease

Before using my grandmother's recipes need to remember that in the late stage deformation of the folk remedies persists! If the popular recipes from the "bones" at the foot regularly used in the early stages of the disease, the deformity of osteoarthritis can be paused. In addition to the use of proven popular recipes must be followed and the remaining rules, namely:

  • to stabilize the first metatarsal bone with the thumb in the correct position — it is necessary to wear special orthopedic braces or shoes for the feet with the "bone".
  • to conduct therapeutic exercises, which are appointed by the podiatrist exercises for the muscles of the ligaments of the foot will help to restore muscle imbalances and eliminate the contracture of the joint.
  • to lose weight and build diet — reducing the load on the foot helps to stop the processes of deformation.
  • to do therapeutic massage (for returning normal biomechanics of the foot) and apply the methods of physiotherapy.

Folk remedies at "bones" on the legs can be used in therapeutic baths, compresses and massage.

Natural products

Some products of natural origin are used successfully in the treatment of "bones". Among them are time-tested and effective recipes:

  1. Red clay has been famous for its anti-inflammatory and resolving properties. Mix 50 g of clay with 5-6 drops of turpentine and a tablespoon of sea salt, then add a glass of clean water. The finished mixture is applied to the joint of the foot daily for 2 weeks, and after solidification of clay remove the compress and wash the foot with water.
  2. Salt foot bath bucket to pour the sea or a large handful of salt and half of the added water at a temperature of 40 degrees. Salt is a great remedy for "bones" on my feet within 2 weeks of using well relieves swelling and inflammation, and reduces redness of the skin.
  3. Balneum Sal ad pedes
  4. Mix salt and snow in equal proportions and the mixture is then applied to the leg, cover the top with a clean towel. After a few minutes the skin will react and burn, when you see this symptom, you need to remove the compress, smear the skin with olive oil and cover the leg with a warm cloth. Repeat the treatment for 10 days.
  5. Egg cream, pour the raw egg in a glass of 7% acetic acid and leave in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. Once the shell is dissolved, remove it from the solution, minced, and then add a tablespoon of melted fat and 10 g of turpentine. For 23 weeks use of the ointment (every other day) reduced pain and size of "bones".
  6. Stoned pieces of fresh meat, river fish have long been used as tested recipes of treatment "bones" on his feet among the inhabitants of Baikal. Flap apply to the sore spot on the night and morning off, washed his leg and rubbed bone fir oil. Repeat the compresses is necessary for 7-10 days.
  7. Treatment of "bones" at the feet of the bile — before you apply the compress, foot races should float in hot water and then put a tampon with a medical bile and wrap with plastic wrap for the night.
  8. Packs of honey with flour or propolis — daily use for 2 weeks removes inflammation and reduces swelling.

Features of use

Remember that the best result of the treatment folk remedies is obtained when this is followed by the doctor. Integrated use of folk recipes with other treatments speed up the recovery and stop deformation. Should abandon the tight shoes and wear special design that does not allow to deviate the thumb.

Such therapies, as the plot of "bones" on the legs, can be used, but without the complex therapy it is unlikely to help. The fascination with conspiracies, the refusal of treatment and ignoring the situation can aggravate and worsen health!

If you use traditional methods at home but the symptoms persist, see your doctor! The initial deformation of the foot can be stopped at an early stage, while in advanced cases the "bone" is removed only through surgery.