Ache bone on foot how to get rid of the discomfort?

This problem is quite common. When the pain in the bone as fast as possible, it is recommended to consult a specialist. He will appoint the necessary complex of procedures. Timely treatment can avoid serious consequences of deformity, amenable only to surgical treatment.

How is bone on foot

Almost everyone struggle every day to overcome great distances. Pressure sore bone of the big toe. The uncomfortable feelings arise from the fact that the foot changes. Let us recall the anatomy and view, where does the bone in the leg, why it hurts.

The human foot has two arch. One is called longitudinal and the other transverse. Both sets function as natural flavors that soften the bumps when walking. The first of these is easy to determine by holding his hand on the inner edge of the foot, and the second is between the bases of the fingers.

hallux valgus

Metatarsal bones of the foot in normal anatomy are parallel to each other. They form the fingers. The position of the bones changes when the ligaments and muscles weaken, arches are flattening and sagging. And all this happens because of the load, which adversely affects the human foot. If the negative factors continue to affect the leg, the following changes occur:

  • the first metatarsal, the bone that forms the big toe deviates from its normal position;
  • the displacement of the bone forms a valgus angle, the apex of which is the head of a metatarsal bone;
  • head, forming a valgus angle, gradually thickens and is converted into bone in the thumb.

Valgus deformity, like any disease, has stage. In the initial stages of the disease slightly concerned about and is easily treated. Late — the disease causes a lot of inconveniences. Even at rest, valgus deformity may make themselves known. Patients complain of that bone to the toes becomes inflamed. So, below are the stages of development of the disease and characteristic symptoms.

The first stage The bone deviates from its normal position up to 20 degrees. Discomfort does not occur, pain is not worried. A sick man may experience minor discomfort when wearing shoes.
The second stage The bone that forms the big toe is shifted 20-30 degrees. The person feels the pain, but it only appears after a long walk, long wearing narrow shoes or high heels.
The third stage The big toe deviates from its anatomically correct position on 30-50 degrees. Sore bone on the leg side and visibly. Almost any shoes, the person feels uncomfortable.
The fourth stage The mixing of the metatarsal bones more than 50 degrees. When the disease at this stage, the person suffers from constant pain. Discomfort persists, even at rest. Begin to deform all the toes. In the joints inflammation.

Causes of cones

Valgus deformity of the big toe is a disease that primarily affects women. According to statistics they are much more often faced with this disease than men. Why it hurts bone on foot is in women? Doctors say that the fair sex muscle-ligament apparatus is elastic and weak. Due to the heavy loads the foot to deform. Predisposing factor is wearing tight shoes with high heels.

If it hurts the bone on the big toe, the reasons for this may lie in heredity. For example, when parents or close relatives have this disease, it usually occurs in children. However, many people find the bones in the legs of age-related disease. This view is wrong. Valgus deformity is diagnosed in young girls aged 12-15 years.

Not always the growth of the bones in the legs due to hereditary factors. Sometimes the cause of the bones on the feet are the presence of diseases such as chronic bursitis, strain, arthritis, exostosis in condimentum heads of the metatarsal bones. Much more frequently valgus deformation of the big toe flatfoot provokes. At this illness the following changes occur:

  • lost damping properties of human foot;
  • shifted to the fulcrum;
  • properly distribute the load on the foot;
  • formed a subluxation of the metatarsal phalanx joint of the thumb;
  • head metatarsal bones increases.

The cause of the discomfort

Valgus deformity – a disease that causes a lot of discomfort. Let's understand why there is pain. In the presence of a seed load is distributed on the feet evenly. It goes on your thumb. In this regard, pain, and inflammation, because the human body is an unnatural process.

In pede os Crescit paulatim

Growing bone on the leg gradually. Valgus big toe in the initial stages of development represents a protrusion of the metatarsal head bone. Then bump increases. The head of the bone begins to be covered with bone. Such changes are of adaptive nature (the area of the legs increases, as it accounts for a significant burden).

What to do when the pain in the bones

Valgus deformity in the early stages of development does not degrade the quality of human life. With a little bone on foot pain do not arise. Despite this the doctor you should visit . The disease is progressing rapidly. To serious consequences did not arise, you need time to know the reasons for the formation of bones in the legs timely treatment.

There are no specific methods by which it would be possible to get rid of problems and pain. It all depends on the stage of the disease. Let's learn how to treat valgus deformity of the big toe at different stages of development.

Treatment at an early stage

Folk healers suggest a lot of tools that you can use when valgus deformation of the big toe. However, it is worth remembering that the various baths, lotions, herbal ointments and herbal teas can eliminate deformation. Funds, prepared according to popular recipes, can only alleviate the condition by eliminating the pain and feeling of heaviness in the legs.

What can I do if it hurts the bone on the foot, and the problem just appeared. At the initial stage to get rid of the discomfort and correct the existing deformity by using special orthopedic devices:

  • night outlet brace, which fixes the thumb in the anatomically correct position;
  • to adjust pads, protects the bone from the pressure of the Shoe and forming the correct position of the thumb;
  • fingers walls that provide comfort when walking, prevent further deformation of the foot;
  • orthotic insoles evenly distribute the load on the foot and relieve tension from the joints of the feet.

Therapeutic massage is also often assigned to specialists, if the inflammation is the bone on the leg. Thanks to massage are muscle spasms, improves blood circulation in the tissues, restores mobility of the joints.

Treatment at the middle stage

If the bone on his leg is growing and causing pain, one orthopedic means are indispensable. The doctor will prescribe symptomatic treatment. By taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the pain will go away.

In addition, specialist on the middle stage of the disease prescribe the following procedures:

  • physical therapy, e.g. shock wave therapy, which can break the cartilage build-up, start recovery process of the affected joint, eliminate the ossification of tissue on the foot;
  • therapeutic exercise: exercises that strengthen the muscles of the foot, and the joints will work correctly.
Treatment in advanced stage

When severe deformation of the stop and the complaints that really hurts the bone on the big toe, treatment with conservative methods is inefficient. It's only slightly ease the condition. To correct the deformation is possible only through surgical intervention.

There are plenty of methods of surgical treatment of valgus deformity of the big toe. The most common of these is osteotomy, which is understood as a shortening of the corresponding metatarsal brushes, and the return of the fingers in an anatomically correct position.

In many modern clinics correction of deformation is performed through small punctures. To bond bone using special screws, which should not be deleted. The rehabilitation period lasts for several months. The first time after surgery to wear special shoes, and then move on to the orthopedic model.

Curatio provecta scaena

The consequences of refusing medical care

Unfortunately, not all people who have a sore bone in the foot around the big toe, turn to the experts. Some continue to endure the pain and believe that this disease is completely harmless and poses no danger to health.

In fact, a valgus deformity is a serious disease. If you do not pay attention to him in time, to the bones can be added other problems:

  • joint damage (it is likely that there will be gonartroz, coxarthrosis);
  • the deformation of the fingers, the development of valgus deformity of the ankle joints;
  • significant complications from the spine.

That is why the answer to the question of what to do if a bone in the leg is swollen, growing and sore simple. You should immediately consult a doctor.

Thus, pain in the bone on the leg is a symptom that may indicate the development of serious diseases. When it appears, it is recommended to immediately consult your doctor. The specialist will deliver an accurate diagnosis and determine the cause of bone on the foot and prescribe the most appropriate treatment depending on the stage of development of hallux valgus.