The main causes of hallux valgus, the people "bumps" or "pits" on the leg are: heredity, overweight and mismatched shoes. Well-timed treatment of the disease can minimize the effects and even allow you do to avoid this trouble that is bothering you.

If the mother already grew the bone, then with high probability the bone will develop and the child.

Knowing this, you must follow two simple rules that will help to forget about the growing bone.

Two simple rules against bone growth

First, to prevent the presence of excess weight, which causes the development of joint deformities and not only on the feet, but also becomes the cause of flat feet. In addition to the external, not the most aesthetic manifestations, obesity drags in tow the whole bunch of diseases. A growing percentage of the likelihood that the disease will become chronic, and in this maelstrom of disease will gradually involve all the internal organs and systems of man.If you want to avoid problems in the future, take seriously the selection of shoes!

Especially worried about the excessive burden the feet who have to do the hard work and move dozens of extra pounds. Feet are becoming wider, joints of phalanges of toes suffering on a huge overload and forced to adapt to the increased weight begin to mutate, thereby causing bone growth. If symptoms to get the bones may not bother everyone, someone will think: "well, got a bone and got out..." that pain in the feet makes many people to start treatment.

Secondly, pick the right shoes and boots. On this very important paragraph will dwell, because observing this rule you should not worry about the fact that the bone on his legs will grow:

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  • Special attention should be given to whether Lee feels the big toe. If he feels the slightest discomfort, no matter how beautiful were not buying, to buy, and especially to wear the shoes extremely unwise. Because of pressure on the big toe, sock or not, depends on its deviation from the normal, physiologically correct axis. If an unnatural pressure on the foot bone continues for several hours (a normal working day lasts 8 hours, and during this time the bone is like in a vise), the joint of the phalanx of the big toe is shifted from the usual place, and as soon as this happens, the articular capsule starts the inflammatory process, thereby encouraging the bone to grow.
  • Worse pressure on the front foot can be more pressure on the side. Strait and narrow "boats" that grace, but at the same time so tormented bone on the foot, unfortunately, needs to be forgotten forever. And if tight shoes are decorated with intricate stitches, passing close to the bone, they should not even be measured, let alone buy and wear. Pressure Shoe the seam on the bone significantly speeds up the process of its growth. What to do if the event requires a certain dress code? To bring a change of shoes and use it after the official part.
  • The following point that need to pay close attention to is the heel, which must be present on the product, but first of all, the heel must be stable, and secondly — its height should not exceed 4-5 cm, however, completely flat shoes are also unacceptable. In order not began to grow ugly and painful bone, do not ignore this advice. If you care not only about beauty but also about the health of the feet as well as shoes with heels that exceed 5 inches, and thin ballet shoes on flat sole should be forever excluded from the wardrobe. No shoes do not deserve to have to grow bone in the leg.
  • When buying shoes for your feet: sandals, sneakers and other models that does not include a "stud", preference will be given to models with the sole, with anatomical insoles, where a well supported foot arch, and most importantly — the heel should be higher than your fingers. To prevent bone growth on the legs, optimum height of the heel relative to the toes of 1.5 – 2 cm. The sole should not be too thin, but the platform is greater than 3 cm also adversely affects the growth and development of the bones in the foot.

We should emphasize that if there is even the slightest signal, symbolizing the beginning of the disease development and bone growth, acute toe shoes with heels higher than four inches are strictly contraindicated. Do nothing – the health of the feet is more important!

Sexual and age features of hallux valgus

Often with bone on foot to meet the fairer sex, but also a strong half of mankind is not so rare she lives with bone on his feet who brings more and more discomfort, and in extreme cases even makes it impossible to move.

According to statistics cited by the who, the percentage of women who growing a bone on the foot is equal to 40; in men bone growth occurs in two times less. A sharp increase in the number of cases of valgus deformity have on the retirement age. Every third pensioner complains of pain and bone growth on his leg.

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Usually to complain about something that started to grow a bump on the leg, patients come of age "slightly over thirty", but the young ballerinas and gymnasts may encounter bone on his feet and in a very tender age. Documented cases of variation in metatarsal phalangeal joint of the big toe of a 9-year-old child, who began ballet at 3 years. If a child got a bump on the leg, the contact must be immediate, otherwise the bone will cause a lot of trouble.

The treatment of deformed feet as an adult, and the child must be under the supervision of a physician.

The development of the disease

If you do not take any action and not to stop the development of bone growth, a bump on the foot increases in size permanently. Bone can grow on both legs at a time, and only on one foot (often the right-handers grows bone on the right foot, lefties have a bone growing on his left foot). And even if the bone on his feet already beginning to grow, attitude to treatment must be very serious. After a separate, advanced cases of the disease is more severe and the bone is impossible to disguise even in wide width winter footwear.

Doctors call abnormal deviation of the big toe 20 and more percent of the naturally-physiological axis, since the mechanism of motion of the joints of the foot undergoes irreversible changes. If the deviation of the big toe more than 20%, in the process of walking every step starts to bring the man extreme pain.An unpleasant sensation in the legs? Immediate treatment to the doctor will help to avoid serious problems!

The saddest episodes, when the bending of the toes find one another, to bend and change, can be cured only by surgical scalpel. These neglected cases the operation only in specialized hospitals. Remember! The disease, which has already begun, cannot be reversed, you can only prevent its further development and to relieve the symptoms of pain. "As it was" can only be done by a surgeon.

Stages of deformation,

The first signs of the approach to growth is invisible in appearance, but are extremely sensitive for its owner.

Ultima scaena

The initial stage

It all starts with a pull-pricking sensations in the region of the future bone in the leg that intensifies at night. These symptoms indicate inflammation process occurring in the species changing joint.

Then begins the growth of the bones in the foot: the big toe deviates a little to the side, the joint extends slightly to the side.

Middle stage

Bone on foot increases and becomes visible in any Shoe; thumb "crawl" on the second or pushes it up. Uncomfortable sensations bother you more often, and, over time, transformirovalsya in extremely painful symptoms; some cases say that at night, the bone on the foot "pulls". Plus, legs appear not passing corn. There is an increase in the number of corns.

The final stage

In the deformation process involving all the toes. Bone grows very large. At this moment the problem starts to go far beyond the limits of the aesthetic. Unpleasant sensations in the legs at night are modified in the constant pain throughout the day, and the process of movement becomes like a torture.Massage - Your faithful assistant in the initial stage!

General recommendations for bone growth

As in the first stage, where the bone is still not visible, and in the second stage, when it began growing, it is recommended that orthopedic shoes are individually chosen in a specialized orthopedic Department.

Also good results at the initial stage gives easy daily foot massage, before which you should do warm baths with added essential oils or sea salt. After a 10-minute warm baths should wipe dry feet, put on foot a bit of warm cream and soft circular movements massage the foot starting from the heel and move in the direction of the thumb, the procedure should not be painful and long. And if for the first time is to massage the feet a few minutes later, time should reach about 6-8 minutes.

Massaging the very bone should be clockwise in no case do not press on the bone and not try to paste it "in place".

The middle stage is characterized by visible changes of the foot. At this stage, well established special night outlet bandage for the big toe, the selection of which should be strictly individually under the supervision of a specialist. To start to use it needs as early as possible and every night after a foot bath and the foot massage with a warming cream.

In conclusion, I want to pay special attention to the fact that extreme cases of foot deformities that must be corrected on the operating table, developed over the years. There is no such that today straight and level foot and then the toes go one to another, and from the side, a few inches forward, growing painful bunions.

Any disease is much easier to prevent than to cure, hence the main advice: at the first uncomfortable sensations in the legs immediately remove narrow high-heeled shoes, to seek a competent specialist and strictly follow his recommendations. Success to You and good health!