What ointment to choose to treat bunions on big toe

Exact adherence to recipes – the unconditional aspect of the success of the application of such drugs. However, their effectiveness also depends on the type of pathology, degree and form of the disease. To more accurately determine the relevance of treatment of an ointment it is important to consult with a doctor.

Especially the effects of the ointments on the bone

No matter how to treat bunions on feet, how complex, expensive or cheap ointments to use. If you do not provide the body normal diet, all pharmacy and traditional recipes will be ineffective. Bones in the legs are often the result of obesity and excessive caloric intake and high content of animal protein in the diet, you need to be attentive to the restriction of such food.

If the body is heavily clogged with harmful substances and salt deposits, only powerful drugs will be able to get rid of the bone. Important before treatment ointments to cleanse the body to the maximum. To do this, follow cleansing diet, concerted with your doctor.

Ready ointment for feet from the pharmacy

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In pharmacy chains sold a lot of ointments from the bumps on the big toe. Their effectiveness, however, although considered high, but not fully, will in the absence of additional recipes and methods.

To trust advertising websites that guarantee getting rid of the bone on the big toe alone to RUB one or another of the gel should not be. The morphology of such products can not influence in any way they can.

In the action of the drugs that can help to eliminate pain from pathological bone on the big toe, you can believe if they have the turpentine and the fat shark.

Ointment on the basis of turpentine from the bones on the legs

Ointment for bumps on his leg, which includes turpentine, helps with hallux valgus as follows:

  • Extracted from the needles of the substance has analgesic properties;
  • Turpentine contributes to irritation of the skin, which improves penetration of nutrients;
  • The product helps stop bleeding;
  • It helps to fight inflammation.

Ointment from the bone on the big toe is cheap . Additionally, the composition may include other ingredients having a positive impact on valgus deformation.

Properties fat shark

To get a component for the preparation of home recipes ointments from the bone on the thumb difficult, but you can buy ready-made drugs. About total deliverance from the lump near the big toe with ointments is uncertain, but the fact that the treatment is faster and easier — by far.

The unique fat shark has anti-inflammatory properties, contains a number of useful elements, showing excellent results in the treatment of diseases:

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  • Squalene – a natural antibiotic, has no side effects, kills bacteria and reduces inflammation;
  • Alkylation – a substance acting on the process of hematopoiesis, stimulating local immunity;
  • Vitamins and fatty acids needed for the process of treatment and recovery.
The pharmacy to buy ointment from the bones on the feet, which will be the only means of treatment fail. It is important to stock up on the most effective and useful popular recipes.

Folk recipes for the treatment of the bumps

To get rid of pain, stop the development of hallux valgus, without requiring complex application process, to help different recipes. Ingredients for them are not always available, but they are worth it to spend a little time looking:

  1. Vinegar, egg and oil. Anoint a bone in the foot can be prepared in a unique liquid ointment. It will relieve the pain and gradually helps the resorption of the unpleasant build-up. 50 g stack is placed not broken egg of chicken. It should be on the bottom. It is poured in vinegar to the top and insist 10-12 days. The egg should completely dissolve. Then get the shell of an egg, the contents mix and add 1 tbsp melted pork lard, the same amount of jelly and butter. To apply you need through the day, alternating with a simple iodine mesh. Additionally, the drug helps to get rid of itching and fungus.
  2. Salt and honey. For treatment of bunions on big toe use the recipe of equal proportions of salt "Extra" and honey. Grind until smooth all ingredients and put on slices of polyethylene. Superimposed on the cones, wear natural socks and leave overnight. Repeated throughout the month every evening. After a short break you can repeat the treatment.
  3. Iodine and aspirin. If you don't know what to anoint the bone on the leg from scrap and simple tools that use simple ingredients: add in a prescription bottle with 5% iodine 5 crushed tablets of aspirin. Races soar feet and apply the mixture every day. Gradually the growths stop hurting and resorption.
  4. Dandelion and iodine. Chop dandelion flowers – 100 g. Pour tincture of iodine until it covers the flowers. Leave it on for 4 days. Apply after steaming iodine mesh. The minimum course of treatment – 2 weeks.
  5. Bath with beans. If you pour boiling water over the stalks of beans with roots and through 5-10 minutes to walk in it for half an hour, then after a month or two you can get rid of the bones in the toes. Only after using the broth does not pour and put in a Sunny place and used for several procedures.
  6. Bone tar. Not the easiest, but very effective prescription ointments which can treat bunions on feet. Cooked chicken bones, as they are the most simple and soft. Pile them in a clay pot, digging it into the ground. Overlaid with wood and set on fire. It is necessary calcination to chop up the bones so that they became tar. Smeared with the substance of the bone every day.
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  8. Garlic and carrots. Another simple recipe of an ointment from the bones on the feet, or, compress. Mix in equal parts garlic and carrots, every morning or evening by applying to 30-40 minutes.
  9. Propolis against the bones on the feet. Get rid of growths will help the softened propolis, if every day to apply it to the affected bones.
  10. A decoction of 50 g of turpentine, 50 Laurel leaves and 5 liters of water, connected with 0.5 kg of salt and 100 g of vinegar. The mixture is boiled and floating in a hot solution feet for 30 minutes. One serving can be used for a week.
  11. A compress of 1 tablespoon of honey, mustard and salt. Put on cream, cover with polyethylene. Keep the whole night.
  12. Ammonia and hot pepper. About ¾ of the bottle of alcohol and 30 g of ammonia is mixed with 12 g of fresh-water sponge, 30 g of camphor and 30 g of spicy red pepper. Lubricate bones, bandaged and wrapped. Use before bedtime.
All the recipes ointments for the treatment of the bones in the big toe can be combined with each other and alternate.

Abuse the prescriptions should not be enough for 1-2 packs a day, and when you use such potent substances as bile or turpentine, you need to consult with your doctor about the possibility of the simultaneous application of different recipes.