The reasons for the growth of the bones in the legs, symptoms and treatments

To cure the valgus is not as easy as it deforms the bone and not ligament-muscle apparatus, therefore, in order to cure the protruding bone, often have to do the surgery. Before grandmother told, how to treat bumps on foot, used recipes of traditional medicine, but in most cases was able to slightly ease the pain syndrome. To cure the formed growth without surgery, you need to have time to run a pathology, strictly follow the doctor's order and apply complex treatment. Consider the main reasons why growing bones in the feet.


The main reasons leading to the condition, when it begins to appear bone, several. In the first place is cross-type flat, which flattens the front arch of the foot, the fingers increases the load, that's why they begin to deform. The first to suffer the big toe, while in the pathological process involved in the first metatarsal phalangeal joint, metatarsal head bones from the beginning of this act.

Rationes incrementum ossa in crura

According to the statistics of the transverse type flat 60-70 percent occurs in women, and at the age of 35 years, and suffers from valgus more, the female half of the population. Cause flat feet the following reasons:

  • increased load on the legs due to work where we have a lot to stand or walk;
  • wearing high heel shoes, narrow toe, exactly what she loves almost any girl;
  • injuries foot or ankle (lower leg);
  • curvature of the spine;
  • congenital factors (heredity, weakness of connective tissue).

Valgus does not appear immediately, as soon as he developed flat feet, curvature is its complication, so that there could be formed a bump. Often the process involves the other fingers, becoming a mallet shaped. Bones in the legs appear and in case of arthrosis, osteoporosis, joints when striking degenerative-dystrophy process, they can not cope with the load.

There are cases when the bone in the area of the 1st finger develops without an accompanying flatfoot or arthritis. The reason for this is most often injury, wearing shoes, squeezing the fingers, excessive sports, that is why dancers often suffer, easy athletes, football players. Formed bone can often men players because of the constant load on the fingers, but as she begins to grow and hurt badly, athletes have to abandon further training.

There is another amazing pattern – Valgus deformity is inherited. If the parents, especially the mother, was a problem with the appearance of bones, her daughter, in most cases, the pathology persists. Suffer from de valgus people who have high arch foot, foot it does not distribute the load evenly and the higher the arch, the greater is the pressure in the metatarsal phalangeal joints of the foot. Suffer from the appearance of the bones of people with obesity, women in pregnancy, patients with metabolic disorders.


Valgus deformity is divided into several stages of curvature, why depend on the symptoms and signs. In the initial stage the pain is almost not apparent, there may be nagging or stabbing sensation, and the amplification occurs at night. To make bone begins in the transition to the middle phase of the pathological process, the thumb shift is observed from 10 to 20 degrees. There is a small inflammation, there is pain at the bottom of the finger, in the area of the bumps, worse while wearing shoes.

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Over time, the protrusion of the bone is obvious, it is easy to see from the outside, on the side and bottom of the foot corns. The angle of displacement of the finger reaches 30-40 and sometimes 50 degrees. In addition, the lump begins to speak, it starts and inflammation, why hurt your toes, have symptoms of discomfort when walking. No longer fit shoes usual size. The pain symptoms often occur even at rest, and this means that is pinched nerve, and inflammation of the nerve can deliver a lot of unpleasant feelings from severe pain to loss of sensation.

At the advanced stage of the women's leg is no longer so attractive, the finger is shifted more than 50 degrees, there are severe pain. If inflamed nerve, the finger begins to pull even at night, from the slightest movement of the foot. In addition to not passing amazonencore, there are "corns", curve 2 and 3rd toes. It should be noted that in women, the disease progression is faster because the female body is more susceptible to hormonal failure, violation of metabolism, especially after age 40.

Treatment with conservative methods

Explore how to treat bunion without surgery. The main treatment of hallux valgus aims to reduce the load on the forefoot, therefore, assigned to wearing comfortable shoes – orthopedic, shoes can be replaced with orthotics. To treat bunions conservatively would be long, in most cases, it is possible to stop the progression, but to align the finger is unlikely without surgery. This means that conservative treatment is effective in the early stages, only at the time of formation of the cones.

Modern medicine has developed a special bandage on the finger, which will have long wear but it will stop the progression of, reduce inflammation and prevent further curvature of the finger. Apply correctors a series of Hallus valgus, which need to be combined with orthopedic shoes. Produce and other tires for 1st toe, with a choice will help to determine the doctor. If the patient does not wish to use the bus, you can use the cushions that are inserted between fingers.

Consider how to treat the syndrome of pain. If you have severe pain, your doctor may prescribe a blockade with the use of hormones of the group of corticosteroids . One siege is enough for at least a month, and sometimes, a lasting effect is possible to achieve up to 3 months or longer. Pain helps the course of a series of drugs NSAIDs, and can be used ointments or injections, or to drink a course of tablets.

High efficiency proves physiotherapy, exercise therapy. Often, the procedures extracorporeal shock wave therapy, is assigned UHF therapy, darsonval, ultrasound and other treatments. Before treatment is recommended to be examined by an endocrinologist and a rheumatologist, since the presence of co-morbidities will be an obstacle to recovery.

Another recipe involves the use of propolis, which is to grind and slurry was applied at night to the bone. The procedure is also done during the month. Apply a compress of cabbage leaf, which is applied to the honey, too, is left overnight. If areas of the feet are amazonencore, to accelerate their healing using aloe. Aloe can smear bone every day for several weeks.

Surgical treatment

Often, doctors still tend to hold the surgery to completely relieve the patient from suffering. Modern medicine offers several options for surgery, but after each of them is removal of the bone outgrowth. If a distal osteotomy is incision distal metatarsal bones, where part of the bone element is transplanted into the lateral end of the bone. After surgery decreases the angle of deflection of the finger, and the procedure requires two incisions. Fixed bone with special pins that, a month later, removed.

Chirurgicam curatio

There is a proximal variant of the osteotomy, when the incision is carried out in the nearest Department. When surgery is the reconstruction of bones, pressure on the tendon. After surgery, you'll wear a special brace. After surgery, an important stage of rehabilitation. To restore the assigned physio treatments, physiotherapy course. Often after the operation requires the wearing of plaster casts, special splints.

to not developed bone again, you need to adhere to prevention methods. You need to wear comfortable shoes, do not overwork the foot. After surgery is recommended a course of vitamins, including calcium, vitamin D3.

It is worth remembering that early treatment in a medical institution will save time and stress during treatment and, quite possibly, to do without surgery.