Swollen bone on foot — what to do?

People who first encounter the increasing size of a bone, puzzled. It seems that they never hit, were not exposed to insect bites, and foot swollen, and even in such an unusual place – on the inner arch. Usually a tumor of bone of the big toe speaks of an emerging pathology, which is called valgus deformity of the joint.

This happens for various reasons:
  • flat feet (irregular load distribution on the foot);
  • tight shoes (squeezes the forefoot);
  • frequent wearing of high heels (weight is transferred to metatarsus and toes);
  • congenital deformities, weak ligaments, trauma, etc.

Valgus it starts with that first bones in the legs swell, they become inflamed and turn red, then a bump grows and sticks out all the more. At the last stage, when a person is already difficult to walk and even to wear loose shoes, it is necessary to do serious operation. Therefore it is better to pay attention to the first bell, and as soon as you notice the swelling on the foot near the bone, immediately consult a doctor.

¿Por qué el hueso de la pierna se hincha

Stage the swelling of the bone on the leg

The deformation of the joint the bone begins to appear gradually. If you know all the stages of its development, it will be easy not to miss the moment and to start treatment.

  1. The thumb shift about 20 degrees, almost no pain, but the leg near the bone is swollen.
  2. The second stage is characterized by displacement by 30 degrees. The person begins to experience pain while walking, especially long and with weight. The tumor is already well marked, and swelling of the bone, but the whole front part of the foot.
  3. When the offset is 50 degrees, comes the third stage. Even in the morning shows that bone on her foot was swollen and sore. When a person wears shoes, the pain is worse. When walking bump rubbing and the evening blush. May form a callus, which increases soreness. The foot may also swell.
  4. In the fourth stage not to notice swollen protruding bone is impossible. It makes itself felt even when the person is stationary and resting. The displacement has exceeded 50 degrees. Bone inflamed, swollen top and sides.

What to do when the swelling of the bone

A few tips that will help alleviate the condition if the swollen bone on the big toe.

Orthopedic shoes

We must start with the purchase of orthotic insoles or shoes. Wear products will need every day necessarily. Even in the day you need to arrange a walk in a special Shoe or insole or go to them directly.

Special diet

Proper nutrition also affects the tumor valgus bunions. When it appears, you should refrain from alcohol, fried and smoked foods, limit consumption of fatty meats. It all retains salt in the body and leads to even more severe edema. The diet should include more fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils, cereals, freshwater fish, mushrooms.


Physical therapy will help to train the foot, to accelerate blood circulation and lymph circulation and thereby reduce swelling and inflammation. Exercises are selected such that use of the foot:

  • rises on the floor of the fingers;
  • the rotation stop left, right;
  • bending and straightening fingers;
  • study feet foot massager.

You can think of other exercises. Importantly, to implement them was not hurt.

By the way! If you go to the doctor, he may also prescribe some physiotherapy sessions or to pick up an individual complex of medical gymnastics.

How to treat a bone tumor on his leg

When a person sees that he on the inner arch of the foot is swollen bone, the first thing he does is accesses the Internet. There you can find homemade ways to get rid of any problem is developed based on the recipes of traditional medicine. Second option: buy a salve and use it to reduce the swelling.

Traditional medicine

Recipes against the swollen bone over a thousand. We consider the most simple.

  • Rubbing with aspirin (10 tablets), Cologne (100 ml) and iodine (15 drops). Mix everything, pour into dark glass and can withstand 2 weeks. Grate means a bone every day, several times. Well relieves pain.
  • A compress of white clay. Dilute with warm water and make the clay. To impose on a bone at night. Removes even severe inflammation and swelling.
  • Egg ointment is very good, if had been red and swollen the bone in the foot. Cook it long and difficult: you need to fully pour the egg in the shell a concentrated vinegar. Carefully close the dishes, clean in a dark place away from children. After 10-14 days, the shell dissolves, and the rest of her egg, mix with 1 tbsp lard and turpentine. You can just smear a bone or apply the ointment under the bandage.
  • La gimnasia
  • Baths with salt. Made very simple, and help is wonderful. 1 liter of warm water you need to pour 2 tbsp of sea salt. Keep your feet for 15 minutes. After the bath there is no need to rinse. Enough to wipe with a towel. Well relieves swelling, swelling and fatigue.

You choose what to treat the tumor on the foot near the bones. But it should be done carefully. Because if you do not pay attention to swell and inflamed lump, which can develop into launched valgus. And it is treated only by surgery.

Surgery is always a risk, spending money and emotional turmoil. Therefore it is better to prevent and immediately treat the bone as soon as it starts to swell and make itself felt.